Gemvision's Matrix 5.3 Released

DAVENPORT, IA - January 11, 2006 - Gemvision Corporation is proud to
announce the release of Matrix Version 5.3, the latest version of
its innovative jewelry CAD (Computer Aided Design) software. By
harnessing the power of 3D CAD and giving it a jeweler-friendly
interface, Matrix lets you design virtual jewelry on-screen while
generating a detailed rendered preview image. Matrix then outputs
your design to any CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) device such as
Gemvision’s Revo540 Multiple-Axis Milling System which generates
dimensionally accurate wax models ready for casting.

The new Matrix Version 5.3 features enhanced Gem Tools like the new
intuitive, fully-interactive Pave Tool. It also offers new Surface
tools such as Blend Targets that makes designing complex, flowing,
or organic shapes more intuitive than ever before. Even entirely new
Builders are completely integrated like Matrix Art, a fully-featured
height field from bitmap modeling program that eliminates the need
for similar stand-alone products.

Jeff High, president and founder of Gemvision Corporation, states,
"Matrix 5.3 is the culmination of knowing exactly what a jeweler
requires in a CAD product and then fulfilling those needs in the
fastest and easiest way possible for the jewelry designer."
Gemvision Corporation offers jewelry technology products including
Matrix 3D Jewelry Design Software, Revo540 Multiple-Axis Milling
System, Digital Goldsmith 2D Jewelry Design Software, and ImageDome
and SystemSix Digital Imaging Systems.

For on any of Gemvision’s products, call 800.357.6272
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Gemvision Corporation
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Davenport, Iowa 52803
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Hey Ryan

We just got the new 5.3 upgrade, and we are absolutely delighted. It
has so many new goodies, and improved milling as well. Great product!