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Gemstone Sources

Hello Amy, Just wanted to let you know that we can supply you with
many items if you would care to take a look around. If you would like
only 1 3mm garnet, we would be glad to ship it to you, no problem.
We have no minimum order and th e only plus you get for ordering over
$35.00 worth of gemstones is Free Shipping! We also have some hard
copies of price lists coming out very soon (not really a catalog) and
a wonderful monthly E-Mail newsletter if you woul d like to subscribe
to it to get the best deals. We accept Mastercard/Visa, Paypal,
Checks/Money Orders. The site has a Shopping Cart system for your use.
We have a pretty large selection of Melee stones and on smaller
rounds we group them by measurement (example- Ruby Melee, 1.45-1.55
mm, 20 available.)

Check out our “Knifemaker’s Gemstones” page to see the selection. Feel
free to browse our selection and sign up for the newsletter if you
are interested, as we would love having you as a new member. If I can

be of any help you can email me at any time. Thank You,

Jason P. Meeks
Shadow Enterprise, Inc.
Email at @Shadowenterprise