Gemstone reference

Hi everybody.
I was interested in getting some input from the list on a gemstone reference
manual. What I am looking for is a book that is complete, up to date and can be
used to educate myself in a non technical manner. My only interest is to
be well informed without the formalities of a G.G. degree. Thanks in
advance. Steve D. In hazy, hot and humid Baltimore

Best gem book that is “complete” is Webster’s “Gems” from
Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford.

Jeffery Bergman
Gem Source

The Bible in this is “Gems” by Robert Webster.

But the one you are looking for is “Gemstones of the World” by Walter
Schuuman. This is my personal favorite. It has one page + one plate for
every gemstone with good amount of Data too.

Manoj Gupta

I think for the beginer’s “gema and jewelry” by Joel Arem is the best
book. Mohiuddin