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Gemstone reactions chart

I am trying to find a gemstone chart that shows the reactions of
torch, boiling, steaming, ultrasonic, plating, etc. I have a copy
but it is unreadable and I don’t know where to find another one. GIA
doesn’t have one.

Ronda Coryell
Studio Manager

Revere Academy
760 Market St. Suite 900
San Francisco, CA 94549

fax: 415-391-7570

Ronda- I am a student at GIA and was just in the book store
yesterday. They do have a laminated chart listing the gemstones and
their reactions to heat, ultrasonic, ect. I believe they run about
$10. I haven’t seen any of their laminated charts in their catalogs,
print or online, but I’ve seen them in person! The GIA bookstore can
be reached at 1-800-421-8161. Good Lick! Jim