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Gemstone cabs

I live in Chicago and am looking for a supplier of high quality gemstone cabachons. I would like both smooth and faceted. I am planning on going to Tuscon in 2019 but would love to find someone who could help me out in the interim. I just moved to Chicago so I’m currently in the process of getting my business license, tax ID, etc.
Thanks so much for any suggestions.


Hi Lisa

I do facets degree with good quality, I am in Brazil, I look for long lasting and honest partnerships for sale of my stones. If you think we have possibilities we can talk.


Carlos .

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We supply only natural gemstone cabochons as well as rose-cut (faceted top) pieces. Shoot me an e-mail If you’re looking to find specific stones.

Mary Stachura


Thank-you for responding and yes, I would like to talk with you. As I mentioned in my post I am looking for cabochons. I would like both smooth and faceted. Please let me know the best way to contact you.