Gemstone buyers guides for newbie

Hello, I’ve read some of the archive postings about how important it
is to be educated when buying However, it’s tough when
you’re first starting to get a good feel for what a fair price
should be for various stones. Can anyone recommend sites or
contacts that are reputable and wouldn’t rip me off? I know about and but since I’m not experienced, it’s
tough to know how these sites stack up. Also, any recommendations
on books or web sites that might help me get up to speed in
understanding price & quality would be appreciated.

Hi Rebecca For starters check out Jeff Gram’s website,, where you may find what you’re looking for. Even
though you may be looking for info. on finished stones and his
inventory caters more toward rough for faceting, he’s an avid
faceter himself & has a lot of info. Re: how to select the “good
stuff”. Or email/call him and I’m SURE he’ll be able to help you

TGIF and hope that helps, Carol

I have purchased from Robert Bentley for years and have never been
disappointed. His prices are fair and merchandise excellent. In
short, you won’t get ripped off. He also has a large stock of

Robert Bentley
30 West 47th Street, Rm. 703
New York, NY 10036
(212) 302-4846


Most of the time, I just lurk here, but there’s finally something
that I= can contribute my $.02.

I’ve bought stones from 3 companies: Rio Grande,,
and most recently Stuller. All 3 have delivered what I’ve expected:
good, quality stones (I haven’t bought any “expensive” stones just
yet, like emeralds, rubies or diamonds). I typically try to
comparison shop between these 3, but usually start with Creativegem
(I like that I’m picking the actual parcel that I see on the site).
I had some of the same reservations that you had, so I figure if I’m
paying just a little bit more for the piece of mind (good, natural
stones), it’s worth it. I’ve tried to keep to the larger companies,
thinking that word would quickly get out if they’re ripping anyone

I’m sure that others on the site will contribute as to their
favorite vendors… I am especially curious if anyone has had recent
experiences with, as a search of these archives on them,
yielded less than flattering comments.


Hi Rebecca, Since my primary business for the past seventeen years
has been cutting stones, I’d appreciate the chance to help out.
What, specifically, are you looking for, or are you just beginning
to learn that? If you’d like to, you can call me at the number
listed below, and I’ll see what I can do to either aid you in your
selection from what I have on hand, or perhaps go hunting to find
new materials for you. Either way, I’m here Mon-Sat, from 9AM to
6PM; if I’m away from the phone, just leave a message letting me
know when and where to reach you, and I will, ASAP.

All my best, Douglas Turet, GJ Lapidary Artist, Designer & Goldsmith
Turet Design P.O. Box 162 Arlington, MA 02476 Tel. (617) 325-5328 eFax
(928) 222-0815