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Hello, Could somebody please advise me on a good reasonable prices
gemscope to purchase. I need one to get my GG. I doubt it if I would
use it very often. I would like to go to 45 power also if possible.
I’ve used good GIA gem scopes and got spoiled but can’t justify or
afford one unless it is real old. Thanks everyone for your help. Love
Ganoksin Steven Blank @Steve_Sally_Blank

Steve, Have requirements changed at GIA? Although they recommended
having a scope when I got my GG, they didn’t require it, and I got
through it just fine with my trusty loupe. Afterwards I ended up
buying one, and wished I’d bought it before, so you’re wise to make
the investment now if you think you may use it later. I’ve been
surprised how often I use it; maybe you would be too.

I’ve been really happy with my GemOro Elite Zoom from Frei & Borel,
which cost about $995 five years ago. This one goes up to 70x which
I really recommend, but obviously you can get them for less with
lower magnification. (Just called to get a current price, they have
at GemOro that zooms from 7 to 45x for $869.) You do get spoiled
with the GIA scopes, but in my mind there was no way I could justify
the extra few thousand dollars!

After getting feedback here, you might want to talk to some of the
techs at the tool companies for their input, and don’t forget Orchid
members Kenneth Singh ( and Contenti
( !

Cindy Crounse
Refined Designs Original Fine Jewelry