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Gemoro ultrasonic experience (or other)

My eleven year old work horse Gemoro ultrasonic gave up the ghost,
and it’s going to cost more to repair than I think it is worth. Has
anyone any experience using some of Gemoro’s “newer” and cheaper
ultrsonics? I hesitate to purchase the plasticy types…I do want
heat, and they do carry an affordable model which heats, but I am
turned off by the 8 min maximum cleaning time. I have perused Rio
Grande’s selection of affordable ultrasonics, but haven’t seen many
with very good reviews. I am really trying to keep my costs as low as
possible, would prefer around the $150 range. Dreaming. Thank you
for sharing your thoughts, Holly B.

Hi Holly B.,

We may be able to provide an economical repair, or a good used
ultrasonic. Contacts us offline.

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

Despite the lateness of this reply Harbour Freight sells a great
ultrasonic- stainless housing, and high volume capacity for around
79.00 if gotten on sale (there is usually a 20% off one item coupon
in their circular- sign up for em on line).They rival any sells at a
fraction of their list, or any other vendor’s list for that matter.

They all work the same- heat or none dictates the price. As with any
HF purchase: run the hell out of it for 20 days(if it has a motor on
an item abuse it at full load for an hour, to test the item. If there
is a hint of a problem and its anything other than a hand tool
(lifetime guarantee for all hand tools) return within the stated
time on the receipt for a replacement then test it too. That’s the
single thing in Harbour Freight products:according to the salesman I
trust implicitly at my local store"you have to run the [item] more
than what is recommended to make sure it is a"good"one".So if you
want to save money their items can rival most branded one’s of equal
size, properties and functionality, you just have to test it
thoroughly, and read any reviews if there is more than one item
number that corresponds to a product in the same class. For instance
their dual tumblers aren’t terribly reliable whereas the single drum
item is, for the most, fully functional out -of-the-box.

They sell an ultrasonic cleaning powder- if used with sterling, I
can almost guarantee it will be oxidised as though you intended the
blackening to happen ! Their powder is for the largest model that I
don’t think is sold in most stores (rather it is a primarily on-line
ordered item). The concentration listed, or rather printed on the
container is far too strong for most of the small machines(less than
2 quarts) they sell in the stores. Avoid it unless you want to batch
oxidise some silver jewellery (If you are out to oxidise alloyed
metals, make a chart of the amount of “ultrasonic cleaning powder”,
time in the water bath and temp. of the water to make a colour chart
for future duplicating the results)…rer