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Gemology workshops for the novice

Do you offer, or do you know of, gemology workshops for the novice
and those for whom gemology is a hobby? Thank you.

New Jersey

Check out William Holland School in Young Harris, Georgia, they do
offer beginning gemology classes (all classes are on campus and last
for 1 week).


Could you be more specific about what you mean by a gemology

I only know the titles of the courses, you need to check with the
school as to the content. I was asked if I would teach the basic
gemology course, but I can not do the time needed. I know what I
would include, but I do not know what the current courses include.


Gem Identification

This course provides a background for those who want to know the
essentials of what to look for and what to avoid in shopping for
Students will use various instruments including the
microscope, refractometer, polariscope, and dichroscope.

We offer several one week workshop/classes in beginning to advanced
Gemology. Our starter class introduces some basic gem id tool with
lots of stone to test and learn with. Very hands on. The Jewelry
Training Center Inc. Many of these classes can be scheduled by

other than GIA and a few “schools” around the country many gem and
mineral clubs exist- some have very good lapidary shops open to
members. the Federation of American Mineral Societies or the mindat
site are good places to look for groups, clubs, etc. in your area.