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Gemology professions

My name is Katie Czech. I go to Usuline Academy in Wilmington,
Delaware. One of my assignments this year is to complete a term
paper on any or your future career. I am not doing this only
because I have to, but because I am truly interested in the field
of gemology as my profession. I am curious about what courses or
college majors will lead me in the right direction. I would also
like to learn how some people became gemologists. If you could
please send me reguarding this topic it would be
greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!

Katie, I am presently studying to get my GG (Graduate
Gemologist)Diploma from GIA (Gemological Institute of America).
The are located in Carlsbad, California and have a campus in NYC
as well. Many of the students who stud y with them do it through
their home study program, which involves 5 courses for a
gemologist diploma. For the GG, you also must take three 32 hour
hands on workshops in Diamond Grading, Gem Identification and
Colored Stone Grading. This is not the only program available to
become a Gemologist, bu t is the one I am familiar with. GIA has
students and programs all over the world. Their are no
prerequisites for becoming a gemologist, but depending on what
you plan on doing with the title will dictate what other courses
of study you would be interested in. I am taking it because I
buy, use and sell gemstones and there is enough fraud and
confusion in that market, that in order to protect myself and my
customers, I felt that the education was needed.

Hope this helps.

Sharon Ziemek
GoldStones, Inc.