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The time has come the walrus said to speak of many things. Gems
suspending from ears and throats and sparkling bright in rings. Oh
and wrists too.

Off and on for several years I’ve been writing here about the art in
stone cutting. My goal has always been education for me and others.
Well. I’ve finally gotten my web page to where I’m comfortable
having people look at it. What you’ll find here is
truly quite different. I know lots of people say that, but please
take a few minutes to hunt around the site. I think you’ll find it’s
easy to navigate. The photos are crisp and true to color. And the
stones are different. Especially check out the sculpture page and I
just posted a super fungus gnat in Dominican green amber.
Incidentally, I’2m very proud to say, I’ve just been accepted as a
member of GANA, the Gem Artist of North America

You’ll find not only a variety of materials with more coming
constantly, but a large variety of cutting styles as well. Some of
these styles are absolutely unique to me. Do you like unusual
inclusions or scenic stuff? I92ve got lots with lots more to come.
This is only the tip of the iceberg from which the Walrus

Opal, Beryls, Topaz, Quartzes, Agates, Tourmaline, Garnets, Jaspers,
Chalcedony, Jades, and coming soon I hope Sapphires, Rubies, Spinels
and much more.

Please accept my invitation.
Derek Levin

   Well. I've finally gotten my web page to where I'm comfortable
having people look at it. 

And well you should be Derek. It’s quite beautiful. I’m sure you’ll
be quite successful with it. The photos are stunning and its soooo
easy to navigate (a big plus in my book). Ongoing success should be
yours. While I’m no expert in the gemstone world, I nevertheless
appreciate beauty and there is lots to say “Wow!” over on your site.