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Gem treatment disclosure when you're not sure?

I have a jewelry ethics question.
Currently, I have some baggies of gemstones. They’re all breakout stuff from a refiner, however, I have no clue what they are! I’m paying someone with GIA certification that I trust to go through some of them and identify them. However, I have no clue what mines they’re out of, if they’ve been treated, ect. Except for the really obvious one (have some fun glass filled rubies).
I’d like to set them and sell them, but I’d hate to sell anything that could even be perceived as fraudulent.
I’m thinking of putting a note along the lines of, "These are set with ‘rescued’ stones, and as such, any providence or treatments are unknown."
Advice? I know lots of stones are heated, but as far as I know, you can’t figure that out without extensive testing.