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Gem Tightness in a Flush Setting

I have been trying to improve the quality of my flush settings of
round cut faceted stones.

I am wondering what the best way is to determine if the stone is set
securely enough.

I usually poke at it from the back with a plastic probe made out of
an old toothbrush and supply a fair amount of force. If the stone
does not pop out, I assume it is set securely.

Any advice or suggestions from the stone setters out there on the
best way to confirm that a stone setting is secure?

Milt Fischbein
Calgary Alberta Canada


Your “Gypsy Setting” is determined by the fact that the 'bearing’
not being made any larger than the diamond in the first place. If it
is made larger than you will have a problem forever in securing the
stone. it will most definitely be moving in its new ‘seat’. I have an
article just made for showing how a Gypsy setting is initiated. I
will email it to you this evening.

Milt and all of my Jewish Friends on Orchid; May I take this
opportunity in wishing you all a Happy and Kosher Seder and an
enjoyable Passover…“Gerry, the Cyber-Setter!”

put it in the ultrasonic for a few minutes (sometimes gold dust or
the bur lubricant can hold it in) and then steam it and give it the
last check with your plastic probe.



I would like the flush setting info, please.

Richard Hart


Just before I set in the stone into any setting Gypsy or Bead Setting
project. I always brush out the hole prior to setting. Even if its a
little dab of oil or grease, bees-wax, anything. If the pavillion or
bearing cut is properly made, there will be little reason to immerse
the item into the sonic-cleaner for any length of time. Also, its
called experience.

If the metal is formed over the Crown facets after placing of the
stone into the Gypsy setting. The stone will be held in place just by
surface tension and will sit there till you place the metal over the

Milton Fischbein and Richard Hart received my article on Flush
setting. I would like to send it to you also…n/c this version
appeared in the “Bench” magazine last year. It also appears in my new
"Manual of Diamond Setting".

Gerry, de northern Cyber-Setter!!..:>)


When we be able to buy your book on diamond setting?

RC Gems

Gerry, I would also love to read your article on Flush Setting, but I
don’t want to impose… Could you tell me (us) where or how we can
purchase your “new Manual of Diamond Setting?”

Thanks so much!