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Gem supplier

I have another question. I recently found a gem supplier,, and I wonder if anyone has any info on them. Are their
prices good? Is the quality of gems good? Any info is greatly

Carol Manion

Re: Thiagems as a supplier of gems. I’m not an expert on pricing, but
I have purchases some gems from them, and the service has been
excellent. Their prices on semi-precious beads are very good. Alana

There is a nice article about them on GEM KEY , where the Author say
" either you like them or don’t like them " I have bought gemstones
from them and I personally…I will keep my thoughts to

There cutting has to improve and the prices they give are fantastic ,
Its the Small traders like us they are putting out of bushiness.

Ahmed shareek

Carol, I have dealt with Thaigem on eBay several times, and overall
have had a good experience. The prices were excellent and the items
were as described, although I have had to send items back twice as
they were not what I had hoped for. The main drawback (for me) is
that they charge $15 shipping that is not refundable (although they
have a very generous combining policy). I feel they are an ethical
dealer and would deal with them more often if their shipping was less

  • if you plan to order a lot it averages out, but not for a single
    impulse item.

Jim Marotti
Lancaster, TN

I did not like them as a supplier, my problem was the pictures they
showed me were not the item that they sent me, the item they sent me
was inferior, I asked them nicely for a refund, which I did get
eventually, but they complained about it throughly. I have watched
them on ebay for a long time, they use the same picture over and over
for different items, even different sized stones, for example a oval
tanzanite picture will be used for a variety of sizes, so you are not
really sure you are getting what you are supposed to get from them. I
called them on this, and they said they didn’t do that, that it was a
mistake, but then I looked at other auctions they had, and this is
their practice overall…they kept using the same picture that I
asked them about months later…

As to prices, they are in Thailand, selling in the US, their prices I
have found are no better than the Tucson Gem show, and there you can
pick each item out one by one…

Just my feel on them…maybe someone else has better news…


I had winning bids on four pieces of jade from Thaigem on Ebay. The
price seemed very low (no one bid against me) for the quality
represented on the auctions. When I received the stones they were
nothing like the stones I had bid on. I was very disappointed and
returned the stones. They refunded my purchase price and the shipping
charge but I was still out about $5.00 for the postage to return the
stones. If you check the feedback for Thaigem on Ebay you will find
lots of satisfied buyers, and some dissatisfied buyers. Steve.

I don’t. Even buying from them directly they won’t even stick to the
stone size they advertise and we just won’t go into their idea of
Flawless, eyeclean and VSI.


Regarding Thaigem, I bought 8 strands of lapis lazuli from them in 8
different lots. Had to return 5 of the 8. I think it is a question
of luck, you may get just what you want, you may not.