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Gem shows in Western NC

Judy… Wish I could help you more, but I only recently
moved here and only made one show. It was in Hendersonville and
sponsored by the local gem/min society. It was quite small (to
my way of thinking) I was mostly looking for free form cabs,
but didn’t find any. As I recall there were several nice booths
with faceted stones. The folks in the society were real friendly
and anxious to help.They put me in touch with a neat man who
helped me to identify a stone I had as Chrysoprase (I was hoping
it was jade) Anyway, the lectures etc. looked real interesting
although my kids (who were with me) forbid me to attend. :slight_smile:
I’ll be happy to try and find out some show dates for you if you
like. Just let me know. Also, there’s a little town called
Franklin, famous for its gem mining. Some of them are salted but
others aren’t. If that holds any interest for you try this site Let me know if you head this way and
we could get together. This is really beautiful country. Mollie