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Gem Scales at Tucson

All, Dealers at Tucson this year will be again subject to gemstone
scale taxation and certification. They are taking enforcement of
this requirement very seriously this year. I have been advise by
the State of Arizona that my “Dendritics Gemscale” is not legal for
trade in Arizona. It seems that Dendritics Corporation withdrew
their scales from the certification process. I do not know if there
will be a panalty for using this scale, but I would not put it past
the state.

Gerry Galarneau

All Tucson Dealers,

Arizona Daily Star report from last year:

Application here:

Lester C. Wetherell II

Gerry - About the scale thing - I have often wondered if the scales
people use at these fairs are calibrated in any way - I have never
seen any mark or certification sticker on any of them, either for
gems or precious metal / high karat gold items.

Are you saying that the dealers do have them certified? Does each
dealer get all of their scales examined? Sometimes a dealer has
several booths, and therefore several scales. It would help if there
were some way of showing that the scales have been examined
(certificate from the state, etc.)

I wondered enough to go out and buy myself a portable scale (not for
carets tho) and now I weigh things myself too. Never had it come up
different - but I’ve only done it once so far…

thanks - Ivy

Gerry - last year, dealers were not permitted to sell by the carat
using uncertified scales. Those scales were seized and dealers had
to buy or rent certified scales. Dealers were unhappy, but the fair
trade laws in Arizona are quite clear on the subject. The laws
hadn’t been really enforced prior to 2001.

Judy Hoch