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Gem indenfication ("Black Star Sapphire")

Amy, the stone you have is not a Sapphire. Sapphire crystallizes in the
hexagonal system. Thus a Sapphire will not have a 4 ray star. To
identify your stone without seeing it is impossible unless someone on
this list is psychic :wink: A wide variety of gemstones can exhibit
asterism. Your stone MIGHT be Diopside. Diopside crystalizes in the
monoclinic system and therefore comes with a 4 ray star (if any). Iron
impurities causes the brown to black color. Diopside is abundant in
India and the Star Diopside is sometimes called Star of India. I have a
pair of chrome Diopside Cat’s Eyes with a very nice deep green color.
I’ve had them for some time now. Waiting for my imagination to come
up with a good jewelry design. Any day now…

I hope this info doesn’t disappoint you too much. The price
difference (if it’s Diopside) is not that great and you seem to like
the stone anyway.

If you would like to learn a little about identification of minerals
you are most welcome to visit

If you would like to learn more about Corundum I recommend the
excellent book “Ruby & Sapphire” by Richard W. Hughes. A real pleasure
to read!


R.I.G.A. - Russian Institute of Gemological Art
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