Gem ID kit

In a previous post, I mentioned a gem ID kit that would be ready as
soon as the refractometers’ hemicylinder was repolished, and it is
done. One person wrote me off-list about wanting it. I’ve emailed her
twice with no response, so I assume she doesn’t want or need it
anymore. Before I go to eBay with it, I want to offer it to the
members of this group who have offered me so much over the years.

The first item in the kit is a full-size GIA Duplex II
refractometer. It has some scratches on the hemicylinder that are on
the very edge and do not interfere with readings. I don’t have a
polarizing filter for it, but Ritz or Wolf Camera have them, as does
Edmund Scientific and, of course, GIA. No R.I. liquid, either. GIA
sells it for a big price, but Graves has bottles for around $40US
( This refractometer, new from GIA sells for $675

The second item is the GIA Illuminator polariscope. This is an
older, metal model, not the new plastic one. I don’t have a
condensing sphere or gem clip with it, but those are easily replaced
if you need them. The new plastic ones from GIA sell for $340 US

Next is an older model diffraction grating spectroscope - the
slip-tube focus type. GIA doesn’t make these anymore, but the
fixed-focus model they have now sells for $95 US. Not the best type
ever made, but better than the current hand-held model. If I remember
correctly, the slip tube focus model I have used to sell for $295.

An older calcite dichroscope. New ones (with the same two pieces of
calcite) cost $157. There is also a chelsea filter (about $50 new).
The film is wrinkled a bit, but it still does the trick just fine.

GIA sells a kit with new models of this same equipment, minus the
chelsea filter for $1,267. I need $620 for mine, and that includes
insured shipping in the US. I can’t take a credit card without
swiping, so a money order is probably the best way to go. Anyone
interested should contact me off-list. First off-list response gets
it. I will not consider offers over $620 for the purpose of beating
out the first respondent.

James S. Duncan, G.G.
James in SoFL