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Gem Deception Buster" - Potential Profession

first, why don't we come up with a form letter, and everyone who
spots such deception in catalog or store, send them a copy of it. 
Then we need only check and see how many change their ways or
respond in some fashion.

Hi Patricia and Others,

Actually my idea was to teach the deceivers a lesson by making them
pay for their deceptions. For this case it would be better to have
more and bigger deceptions taking place so that the Gem Deception
Buster could make bigger bucks. No warnings just buy it and sue them
for fraud. Do you think ambulance chasing lawyers want less car
crashes… I doubt it that is their “golden goose”.

I see deception everywhere in all levels of the business. Starting
way back with synthetic amethyst and currently with cherry and
raspberry and other fruity “quartz” beads which are glass not
quartz. If the retailers were bit and had to pay, you can bet they
would be more careful what names they use. It really is upsetting to
people who sell the real thing… me. You know when the cherry
"quartz" first hit the market two years ago they were calling it
strawberry quartz which is an accepted name for a real gem stone.
They quickly changed to cherry quartz which has never been used for
a gem, but none-the-less is a misnomer since it is glass!

Regards, Steve - Rough and Ready Gems
briolettes and ultrasonic drilling