Gem centered Yowah nuts/Tiffany's

Hello- Does anyone out there have a definitive source for Tiffany
having used gem-centered Yowah nuts (Yowah opal with gem quality
opal in center) in jewelry at turn-of-the century? I’d love to get a
picture of that.

Thank in advance-

Much of what you show on your web site as black opal is not. And
why do you show a yowah nut opal under your boulder opal listing?
These things doe not inspire consumer confidence. K Kelly

Hi Kevin-- The very broad distinctions made on my site are those
suggested by my partner in Australia. And surely you must know that
sometimes these distinctions are hazy. And yes, I often look at what
he calls “black,” and think to myself, no, this is crystal. But
again, I classify broadly in order to make it easier for customers
to browse.

The Yowah split is under boulder opals because sandstone matrix is
still attached. Again, I offer BROAD classifications, as most people
are not experts on opal classification minutiae.

I have shown my high-end opals to Richard Horne at Shreve’s, J.
Chapa Hernandez in Bellevue, as well as other jewelers who have
commented on the extreme beauty of the gem-quality opals I carry. I
have displayed in Shreve’s, and Hernandez is currently working on a
high-end line using my opals.

Because most people aren’t willing to spend more than a 1K on an
on-line sale, these very high-end opals are not on my site, but are
available for viewing by appt.

I am a one-person operation struggling hard to make it in this
economy, and your comment was unnecessary in a public forum. I bend
over backwards to please my customers, which you’d realize if you
had ever done business with me.

If you have any further comments for me, please do me the courtesy
of emailing me off-list.

Dida Kutz