Gem buying vacations?

Has anyone got any great ideas for some places to go, especially
in Asia for a gem buying holiday? I don’t mean the usual Hong
Kong or such but some place with interesting sights, and quality
gems available?? As I live in SE Asia I can’t fly to Brazil at
the moment much as I’d like to! Flying to a show in the US is
also out as they are always on when I am working and I can’t
afford the flights, hotels, etc. just for a few interesting
items to put into my pieces.

Has any one out there had some great and interesting trips which
include both these together either by plan or accident?? I’d
love to hear about it. I guess even if it was far away, if it
was worth it maybe I could find the money to go there. So lets
say anywhere in the world. Sharron from Sunny Saigon

Hi Sharron,

have you looked over to your left ? NOT over your Shoulder , but
over the indian ocean ? there is a Small island just 300 km
Accross right under india , It has The SUN , the SURF , the SAND
and the STONES. :slight_smile:

I am talking about Sri Lanka , thats where you get Ceylon
Sapphires. you can get a nice vaccation off from the hassle and
busstle of everyday city life , You can relax under a coconut
tree , drinking king Coconut and look at 10 ct Ceylon Blue
Sapphires or 6ct 100% color Change Alexandrites or any other
stone for that matter.Or why Not Go see the mines , or the
Cutting factories which cut Diamonds to kunzite ??

If all that gems is too much then head up north to see the old
ruines of polonaruwa and Sigiriya , We have a Rich 2500 year old
history. A lot of Very old buildings.

Cost of comming here will be less because a air ticket will be
UNDER US $200 and hotels are cheap , And Traveling within …
we can see about it when you get here.

Just E-mail me before you plan anything.

Ahmed Shareek from sunny Sri Lanka.

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