Gas saver

I just got an email from Contenti showing, among other things, the
Gen-tech Gasaver:

I gotta say, it looks as though it would save a lot of time and
trouble (though it would make the piezo-electric torch-lighter I
just bought obsolete). Has anyone used it? Do you like it?



Don’t know about this torch thing, I always relight because I hate a
pilot flame of any sort. I use and electric striker. Just my quirk.
Thanks for the link to Contenti, I was just about to start a web
search as I need a new catalog from them to order some of their
Moldex mold rubber. If you haven’t tried this stuff check it out. It
is like putty till vulcanized and needs no mold release. My waxes
come out of it with the same surface texture as the original master.
I have even gotten castings with a shiny surface. Great stuff this.
Once again Orchid comes through without even having to ask.

Frank Goss

These worked great where I have seen them being used. You do not
have to adjust flame each time you light it. Reignites to where you
set it. It is on my list of buy one soon items. Have also seen the
Gentec and other torch control units used by blacksmiths and glass
lampworkers. Some lampworking types have foot controls to adjust

I used a similar device years ago (like the one Rio lists). Very
convenient if you are lighting the torch often, no need to re-adjust
the flame every time. The only down sides were that the pilot used
almost as much propane as the torch, and the weight I had to put on
the hoses of my little torch. On this Gen-tech the placement of the
gas fittings seems very poorly designed

Demand Designs
Analog/Digital Modelling & Goldsmithing

Gas savers work well. I am concerned about the quality of that
manufacturer. I have seen several of their products and the they
have not impressed me. A made in USA version is almost three times as
much so I can see a short term economic justification but in anything
to do with torches and regulators I only want to buy the best


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts

Noel - looks interesting, but I use an acetylene/air torch and a
small Torch Mate torch lighter (works off two AA batteries). It’s
about as convenient as can be - doesn’t take up much space at my
soldering station (which is a stainless steel restaurant work table).
The Contenti Gas Saver looks (as you say) like it would be great if
you were soldering for long periods of time but from the picture it
looks like it has to be mounted on the edge of the table (?) which
wouldn’t work with my stainless steel table. However, for me, old
habits die hard and I’m too entrenched in my work habits to change
such a major one at this late date. Enjoy your Piezo-electric lighter

  • I think you’ll enjoy it and wonder why you didn’t get it sooner.