Garnet jeweler's cast

“J.B. Bown shows how to compact a piece of plate by hammering it
on his famous anvil. His pounding draws quite a croud at the Rock
& Gem Shows! Casting with the Garnet Blocks”

This is a quote from a page out of an online site I found on jewelry
making. I don’t have a clue what it means or who JB Brown is. His
process does, however, intrigue me. There is something called Garnet
Jeweler’s Cast material that I have nevre heard of and can find no

My questions are:

  1. Does anyonne know of JB or his product?
  2. Have you seen it or him at a show?
  3. Have you used the product or process?

Thank you for your time.
Jon Harper

That was the first result for Googling Garnet Jeweler’s Cast. Never
heard of it before either, but it looks an awful lot like sand
casting to me.