Ganoksin Server Migration - Celebrating a House Warming Party!

Dear Orchidians,

We are happy to announce a significant event in the history of the
Ganoksin Project.

We have a new home.

It’s just that welcoming some 15,000 friends a day, the house was
getting packed. With an average of 20 beers (articles) per person,
well it means 300,000 articles per day! And what about these half
million emails going out daily? With our utility bills sky rocking,
the landlords were getting seriously concerned. Time to pack up our
belongings and search for a larger house for this growing family.

At last, The Ganoksin Project has its own dedicated home (server),

Named after one of the largest moons in our galaxy, Titania can zoom
1500Gig/month of jewelry and have plenty of room for yet
even bigger parties!

Our final move will take place the first week of April, with
hopefully no down time and or broken china.

Naturally, unlike our services to you, Titania comes with a big

For almost 10 years we have operated Orchid under the quiet terms of
a contributionware site. It continues to be our goal to raise the
quality of material available on The Ganoksin website and to remain
an independent site that serves the community.

It has been by the generosity of our members we have not only been
able to do that, but have become known net wide as an authoritative
source on Gem and Jewelry matters.

As with any top site that achieves the success on the order that we
have, expenses also grow. Dozens of gigabytes of bandwidth per day,
multiple servers, legal and business expenses have all grown
dramatically in the last year to account for our (just plain)
awesome growth.

Helping us pay for your new server will take help from you.

please consider to set up a monthly subscription account.

Can you spare $10-25 a month to help us pay for our new home? You
can either help us with one-time donation, or, make it easy for you
set up a monthly subscription account.

Learn more at Membership - Ganoksin Jewelry Making Community

Thank you for your support