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Ganoksin Raffle 2008 Ending Soon

Hi All,

It’s February 3 and the Ganoksin Online Raffle ends FEBRUARY 7TH!!!

If you have been putting off buying a raffle ticket, don’t delay.
Buy one for yourself, buy one for a friend. Most of all, buy one
because YOU CARE about Ganoksin. For just $39, you could be the
winner or winners of some amazing prizes like tools, and services,
and digital scanning, and classes and jewelry.

Support Ganoksin. We only run this raffle once a year to raise
income for the computer maintenance of Ganoksin. Where does that
income go? It helps to fight spam, it pays for software upgrades to
make searching in the archives easier, it pays for the server costs
which store thousands and thousands of searchable nuggets of
on jewelry

Ganoksin is friendly and free to all. Searching on Ganoksin doesn’t
require a password or private about you. All the
about jewelry, bench tips, metal, techniques, art
jewelry, video clips, books, service and supply companies, tools, and
so much more, is right at your finger tips.

Purchase a ticket today and support Ganoksin.

Karen Christians
Ganoksin Raffle Organizer