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Ganoksin Orchid Raffle 2011 is announced!

Rio Grande is your online source for innovative jewelry-making
products, great service and technical know-how. Whether you are just
starting out or are a seasoned professional jeweler, metalsmith or
artisan, we share your passion.

The Ganoksin Project is giving away $10,000 worth of gift certificate
prizes towards an exciting SHOPPING SPREE throughout the extensive
Rio Grande tools & supplies catalog!

Now your Rio Grande shopping dreams could be made true. :wink:

Your chances of winning are realistic! Yes, You CAN WIN the tools and
equipment you really need!

All raffle proceeds go directly to support Ganoksin Project and The
Orchid list, which supports the exchange of free for all.

Without your dedicated support and continued generosity The Ganoksin
Project would not exist.

How it works

We are pleased to announce the latest in our series of the Orchid

TO ENTER THE DRAW: You purchase a downloadable eBook(s), which
entitles you to ONE entry in the draw for EVERT $35 you spend.

Each of the 2 (two) winners of our random draw can use their gift
certificate to purchase $5,000 worth of products sold online at An exciting shopping spree throughout the extensive
Rio Grande’s tools Catalog! Perfect for outfitting your bench or
supplies box. Now your Rio Grande shopping dreams could be made true.

This year we offer three complete eBooks

Lost Wax Jewelry Making: The Build-up Technique

One of the few books available on wax modelmaking; “Lost Wax Jewelry
Making: The Build-up Technique” by Minoru Azama, printed in Japanese
by Kashiwa Hobby Books. 1999.

Azama process emphasizes building up wax as opposed to starting with
a wax blank and carving away material. He uses this approach for
organic as well as geometric subjects. The potential of this
technique is unlimited!

Azama’s work is outstanding, some of it so very precise and geometric
that one would think it had been carved of hard wax. The book was
written for students at the Japan Jewelry Academy, and Mr. Azama has
been generous enough to write a complete English translation.

Small Scale Photography

This eBook gives excellent lessons on how to set up a home or studio
photo booth to take professional-quality photographs and slides of
your jewelry or small objects such as ceramics, glass and so on.

Taking your own quality images saves money and time. The system (not
counting the cost of camera and tripod) costs less than 60.00$ to set
up. How to build a drop shadow photo booth, film types, lighting,
miniature spotlighting, composition, backgrounds, surface
understanding and image creation are covered. PR techniques are
taught and sources are listed. The ideas shared in this set can save
you hundreds of dollars in professional photographic fees and time.

Free Bonous: Digital photo notes

Cheap Thrills in The Tools Shop

This Classic book is a loose, eclectic collection of short cuts,
bench tricks and alternative equipment options for goldsmiths. Cheap
tool making, conversions and unexpected sources for tools are all
described. Sections include shop machines, tools, setting tools,
soldering and more. Will save you hundreds of dollars in the jewelry
studio. Lots of line drawings, lists and reviews of sources round out
the book. A good table of contents and index make finding information
easy. This was the first bench tricks book published in English in 40
years and led the interest in Bench Tricks in the jewelry/metals

Increase your chances! Buy more than one!

There are two different chapters in this series and you can buy one
or more of these and each purchase puts you in the draw for the
voucher. You are not limited in the number of entries you can have.
You can buy and download as many copies as you wish.

The Grand Prize winners will be drawn on March 15, 2011


  • Participation is open worldwide!
  • Only 2,000 Tickets issued and they sell fast!

Support Orchid! Buy an eBook! Only $35 per topic.

We wish you all the best of luck and happy purchasing.
For a better Orchid