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Ganoksin Offices are Flooded - We need your support!

Thailand is currently facing its worst flooding in 50 years.
Floodwaters have swamped more than two-thirds of the country,
submerging complete towns. Hundreds of lives have been tragically
lost. Rice fields and businesses of millions of families have been
severely impacted.

This image shows a satellite view of the floods currently
devastating the Thai kingdom. You can see two bodies of water marked
in blue just north of Bangkok. 13,000 BILLION Cubic meters of
polluted water are making their way to the Gulf of Thailand.

Ganoksin offices are unfortunate to be on the path the flood. At this
moment, our offices are completely inundated. We are very much
isolated, surrounded by a swamp wide as far as the eye can see. Our
only links to the world are email and phone.

At this unfortunate moment, your help is crucial. It is truly needed
deeply appreciated.

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It is infrequent that I post on Orchid but I do enjoy reading the
emails and staying connected. I think that all who participate
either actively or passively should make a donation no matter how
small to help with keeping the site functioning through the issue of
the flooding in Thailand. I know that I would miss this resource if
it were to go away. Yes I made my donation before I posted this and
just wanted to encourage others to help.

Thanks, Tim

Dear Hanuman and Ton,

Reading your words and viewing the poignant photos are making my
heart weep. I am so sorry for this flooding that is causing so very
much suffering to so many people in the area.

To see the sharing amongst you and your neighbors validates the very
wonderful humans we all know you to be. It is sad to see the
intensive labor to simply keep your heads above water. I feel
impotent in watching from afar, and hope a small contribution
towards eventual recovery will be of some help.

To my Orchid Friends, old and new. this is a time to reach out to
Hanuman and Ton however we are able to do so. We who have been here
for a long time understand what a monumental change Orchid alone has
brought to an industry previously enmeshed in jealousy and secrecy.
Information was never shared, there were few answers to even simple
questions. Within the workplace benches were shielded from one
another to preserve secret techniques. This was tradition within the
jewelry industry.

Along comes Dr. Hanuman Aspler, who in a connection with Charles
Lewton Brain, follows a thought to fruition with the addition to Ton,
to bring transparency and sharing to within and without of the
jewelry industry. Post a question, complex or simple and a cadre of
answers appear. Also appearing are other answers, some accepted and
some challenged, at times in lengthy threads.

Bottom line, we are people helping people. Initially it was amongst
higher trained individuals. Little by little the word trickled out
and a new category of members appeared. Many previously known as
crafters or stay at home moms using beads and wire. Yes this ruffled
a few feathers, so be it. Several of these folk excelled in their
specific arenas and had extensive followers and defenders. The once
very tight knit jewelry group sprung a bit of a leak. Using this as a
lead in, I am appealing to all, old and accredited as well as new and
gaining insight via Orchid, to open your hearts and wallets to help
Orchid survive and recover from these devastating floods. I did.

Hugs, and Thanks,
Teresa Masters

It is infrequent that I post on Orchid but I do enjoy reading the
emails and staying connected. I think that all who participate
either actively or passively should make a donation no matter how
small to help with keeping the site functioning through the issue
of the flooding in Thailand. I know that I would miss this resource
if it were to go away. Yes I made my donation before I posted this
and just wanted to encourage others to help.

Tim Crain is right. I sent in my donation. Hanuman and Ton have been
there for us all these years. It is now time for us to do our bit to
help Orchid stay afloat during this terrible time. Not only is the
lower floor of their building flooded, but the water is contaminated,
and I am concerned about their health. What is remarkable is that
during all this devastation, they are still posting our emails. This
is a crisis situation, and we all need to pitch in and help. We are
not there to aid in piling up sandbags, but we can make a donation.


What a beautifully written letter. I have already sent a donation
several days ago. I am so grateful for this forum and read it every
day. I have been one of the people who have benefited greatly from
all of the written here and have been donating for the
last three years or so. I do hope everybody who has the means to
help will do so. I would hate to have to give up my daily influx of

Hanuman and Ton, God bless you and all the people who are having to
deal with the flood. You are in my prayers,


Dear Orchid community,

I just donated via Paypal, sending as much as I felt I could. I my
mind, there are several categories of donating: small, average, and
larger. I have sent my “larger” amount.

Long live Orchid!

I call on all silversmiths to do the same - I did.

Jeff Herman, Founder & Executive Director
Society of American Silversmiths

I did too. They need our help !

I feel the same way and just send the donation and wish everyone
save and my prayers go to them too.

Ditto on Terrie’s excellent words. I would point out that if one has
an aversion to Paypal (as I do), another option for sending a
donation exists. Instructions are given for mailing a personal check
made out to Dr. E. Aspler and sending it to Pat Glover in Tucson AZ.

Go for it! Judy in Kansas, where the house plants are undergoing
fumigation prior to their winter stay inside.

Hi All

Great that it seems many are helping as best they can. I’ll humble
myself in admitting my donation was on the smaller side this time but
I will try to make a few more periodic donations as I’m able. Business
has been pretty steady but getting paid for much the last few years
work by retailers has not always been easy. I things improve soon in
Thailand for everyone.


It’s my pleasure to contribute because I have received so much from
Orchid. I lived in Thailand 30+ years ago and found the people and
the culture to be delightful. I’m very sad for all of your

Jamie King

I am contributing as much as possible. I am passing along a
percentage of my sales as they occur also to make more donations as I

Victoria James Designs

Folks, we all enjoy this daily forum. Hanuman & Ton work daily to
GIVE us this service FREE OF CHARGE! They now need a little help. I
just donated and I ask that anyone who has the resources and heart
to do so to PLEASE…PLEASE do the same. If you had a BOAT in your
office… you would need help too.

God Bless each and every person in Thailand and especially our
friends at Orchid! Please know you are in our prayers.

Dan DeArmond.
DeArmond Tool

I would point out that if one has an aversion to Paypal (as I do) 

I too have an aversion to the usual Paypal; but found that you can
make a charge card (such as Visa) donation through Paypal, too.