[Ganoksin] Metal Molds - How To


Let me state the question one more time. Can anyone provide me
with a set of steps or process steps that will tell me how to
approach the making of a homemade metal mold. 

I have a suggestion worth trying on making a metal mold. It is a
product sold by Cotronics that is essentially an epoxy with aluminum

It is machinable, can withstand 500F, replicate 20 micrometer
features or the 3 micrometer scratch you didn’t want in the molding
process, and it can be used for both wax injection or plastic

It’s about $60 for a one pint kit. Product is called Duralco 4540.

For mold making you would need a mold release too! I think we use a
PTFE mold release from a spray can. Mold making can be done on a hot
plate for curing, and use a vacuum jar for debubbling.

Cotronics also sells stainless steel in a can. Very cool, I but
haven’t had a need for it yet.

…absolutely no connection with the company, just a happy customer.

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