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Ganoksin learning center search function

I notice that there is a search feature in the Learning Center, but when I did a search for “Giacomo”, to find a list of all his contributions/ videos, only 3 items were returned on the search…

is there a way to search the learning center in this way? for example if I want to find all of leonids videos?

currently, when I type in a search, what areas of the learning center are being searched?


it’s a full site search.

Hi Seth,

That is what I thought, but does the search pick up “member/ contributor” of videos/ articles as well?

When I did a search for “Giacomo”, or “I Giacomo”, or “Giacomo I”, hoping to get a list of all of his video contributions, only 3 items were returned (under “I Giacomo”, while he has contributed many more than 3 videos.

I wanted to browse and view his videos, without having to scroll thru the 500+ videos listed alphabetically by video title…

if you click into the learning center, and type “Giacomo” into the search bar…you will see only 3 items returned…also, the search bar is only available at this level…if I click into a category, such as “jewelry making techniques”, a search bar is no longer available…

if you look in the below, you will see many of his videos near the “C” videos (for “Coral”)

Home » Learning Center » Jewelry Making » Fabrication » Fabrication Articles and Videos

Am I doing something incorrectly?

I am hoping to use the Ganoksin Learning Center much more than I currently am!, as I see many great articles and videos on tons of categories!


… hoping to get a list of all of his video contributions, only 3 items were returned

Not willing to be a co-conspirator in google’s tracking of my every thought or action, I use the search engine improbably named which does not track its users. The following search will turn up many hits, and will work on google if you do not mind being cataloged. It works on as well: Giacomo

The ‘site:’ portion of the search request tells the search engine exactly where to look. It is a very handy filter and worth remembering.

Neil A

I believe it does, @wldlzrd1… it’s a full text search, driven off the Google index. But perhaps @leah-ganoksin-admin can opine?

It is a GREAT resource, built up over 20+ years. And it is 100% FREE and open to the public, subsidized by Orchid members and advertisers :slight_smile:

These are great questions @wldlzrd1. I’m going to dig into this and get back to you asap. I agree that you should be able to search by author. If that’s not working, I’ll see what I can do to fix it. Stay tuned…

ah! that does work, thank you.

I did a copy/paste of “ Giacomo”, and pasted it into my google search bar…it relocated to the web browser bar, and then returned many if not all of the Ganoksin items referencing Giacomo!

thank you.

i will also await what Leah discovers!


Hi @wldlzrd1. I just changed our search plugin so that it works better. But I think it still has some room for improvement like letting you pick whether you want to search articles or videos etc. I think your google trick is a good idea in the mean time.

Here’s a good tip as well. When you are looking at any video, you can click in the author’s name to see all the videos by that author. See below:

P.S. @seth-ganoksin-admin, we don’t use Google anymore for search. I can explain the nitty gritty of that decision to you later. Too much to bore people with here. :smiley:

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Hello Leah,

Excellent! Thank you for all you do!

and the tip about clicking on the authors name is awesome! I am going to try that out right now!


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Hi Leah,

…in Ganoksin, was that search bar always there, in the upper left corner?, for subsequent pages, as one clicks in deeper…?

…I went i to check out your changes, and just noticed it, and wondered if I missed it the first time, when I said there was only one search bar, on the first page, and then none once you clicked in deeper…I am feeling very forgetful today!

…when I do a specific “search” using that “new?” search bar, the results have very big thumbnail photos! very nice! is this new too?


Ok, so…In case you want, when searching/ using the Ganoksin Learning Center, if one uses the WHITE search bar, in the upper left corner of the page, to search topics, the search returns have much larger thumbnail photos, than if you click into the various Learning Center Categories, and then drill down…