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[Ganoksin] Christmas Sizings

Christmas Sizings

Dear Suzanne and List, I agree with Suzanne 91% or more, but I must
allow the others with the Gouge them mentality or with larger than
reality ego’s or just with a different point of view to live their
life’s and run their businesses in the way they see fit.

I feel that some of the postings on this subject have been the way
that these fellow shop owners run their life’s and their
bussnessnesses, I for one would not want to live those ideas or have
them influence my actions or practices.

That being said, We all know that around the Holidays there is a lot
or repairs and sizings to be done, do what you can with the time
allotted you and your staff before the holidays and finish up the
remaining jobs soon after.

Best to all in this Holiday season.