Gallery Wire Supplier Needed

Rio Grande used to have a nice selection of sterling silver gallery
wire but no longer carries it. Roseco & Stuller only carry gold…
I’m in desperate need of a supplier. Any suggestions?

Terri Collier
Dallas, TX

Terri, Try metalliferous at or call at (212)
944-0909 or (888) 944-0909. Thjey have a fairly large selection.
(Just a satisfied customer)

Cheers from Don at The Charles Belle Studio in SOFL where simple
elegance IS fine jewelry! @coralnut1

Terri-- here’s a link to a page of the Metalliferous catalog-- hope
it helps


Hi scollier We carry 6 different styles of gallery wire in sterling.
You can check them out at Thanks Stephanie SFJS

Terri, How funny you should ask that. I was in Hagstoz today in
Philly and noticed a display of some wonderfully intricate (as well
as plainer) gallery wire that I had never noticed before . Long
story short, I got some gorgeous gallery wire in sterling that I’m
very happy with. They also had a good selection of fine silver bezel
wire and some fine silver gallery wire. So you might want to give
them a call – 800-922-1006.

By the way, I’m still seeing silver gallery wire listed in the Rio
catalog and ordered a bunch from them within the last month. Page 42
of the 2002 - 2003 gems & findings catalog. Also, Swest had some, if
I recall, but can’t put my hands on their catalog at the moment.

Good luck!
Karen Goeller