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Gallery opening [yak]

Hey Nancy,

Glad to hear you field-tested the ‘straw’ in Texas, and that it
worked. And thanks for the compliment: “…another brilliant
jeweler … .” Well, I’m a double-l jeweller – Canadian, eh?
;^) – but I agree, we are great, aren’t we?!

This is an invitation to all Orchids who live in the northeast of
North America or who might be travelling that way this summer, to
drop in for a visit. My Gallery is situated in a neat seaside town
just a few miles into Canada from the US border at Calais, Maine
(BTW, pronounced “callous” gag!). In addition to my own metalwork,
I show quality fine craft and artists’ prints from 15 other
Atlantic Provinces Canadians. I’ve been open for 2 weeks now so
t’s about time I got my own New Work out; I hereby commit to a June
20th party. Please come. These last several months with Orchid
have been a tremendous boost both in knowledge acquired and in a
sense of comraderie. I’m not going walkabout, no way I could
unsubscribe, but for a while I’ll likely be too stunned to even ask
a question much less take part in dialogue.

Thanks everyone! Wish we luck. This is make-or-break year – 3rd

Full address, etc, below. You can borrow my kayak if you’d like.


185 Water Street (P.O. Box 1134)
St. Andrews, New Brunswick
Canada E0G 2X0
email: @Colleen_Lynch
phone: (506) 529-4019 (fax on request)

(45N04’ 25.2" 67W03’ 11.8")

I wish you the very best of luck with your gallery this year
Colleen!! Wish I could come visit, but… oh so far away (I’d love
to try the kayak). You’ve convinced me, I like the double “l” in
jeweller much better and from now on will spell it correctly.

ICQ # 9472643
Bacliff, Texas Gulf Coast USA