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[Gallery Addition] Sandra Buchholz - Showcase

Artist: Sandra Buchholz
Work: Showcase -Three pieces

Double Dragonfly Necklace

The dragonflies are cast in Sterling Silver and are connected
with a central Lapis stone and a small Lapis at either end. Each
dragonfly has a three inch wing spread. The chain is hand made by
soldering the links, flattening them and connecting them with
unsoldered, 16 ga. small links.

Dragonfly Pin

This dragonfly is made in fine silver and has densely granulated
wings, with additional granules on the body, head and tail.
Different size granules were used to fit the design. The body and
head are three dimensional. The dragonly has a three inch wing
spread and is about three inches from head to tail. I find insects
fascinating and beautiful and have been making a variety of
unusual insects in addition to the dragonflies.

Horned Beetle Pin.

This insect is cast in Sterling and is almost four inches long
and two inches wide. The antenna and legs are put on after the
body is cast, using different size wires to give the effect of
real insect legs. I use beads at the end of the antenna and
oxidize the body with liver of sulpher to give it more interest.
Since I make limited editions of the cast insects, I often vary
the finishes so that some are not oxidized but brushed with a
brass brush and pumice and then tunbled in a small rotary tumbler.
The variations are usually one of a kind and include using
different gemstone beads on the antenna.

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