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[Gallery Addition] John Burgess - Te Hei Matau

Artist: John Burgess
Work Type: Te Hei Matau

I attach a jpeg of one of my jewellery pieces called: “Te Hei
Matau” made from New Zealand nephrite jade and the chain from
sterling silver.

Freely translated from the Maori the title means “The Fish-Hook
Neck Ornament”. Whilst it would not catch many fish, it is based
on Maori cultural designs seen carved on Maori canoes and on the
rafters of Maori meeting houses.

Such a neck ornament (or pendant) made from jade is considered a
’taonga’ or treasure, not to be stored away, but to be proudly
worn every day so that it may gather mana (great spiritual value)
from each wearer through the generations.

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