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[Gallery Addition] - Dave Stephens

Sender: owner-orchid
Precedence: bulk

Artist: Dave Stephens
Work Type: Showcase

NIGHTEAGLE This piece is a symbolic owl, representing
clairvoyance, the ability to see into the unseen. Inspired while
laying in the bath tub yet! Sterling silver ornamented with 14k
gold, amethyst, covellite, and garnet.

Its nice to see the gallery building into a nice representation of
really great jewelry talents, thanks for the opportunity …Dave

Dave Stephens
Crystalguy Art Jewelry, Magical Art Jewelry for the Enlightened Mind

The Orchid Gallery is the visual front of the Orchid list. It is
here where we show each other with our creations. Send us your
entry as an Email attachment to [Lapidary,
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