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Galleries in Arizona

Hello All,

I find that I am going to be in the Phoenix - Scottsdale, Arizona
area for a couple days. Can anyone tell me of great galleries to

Of course I am interested in jewelry, one-of-a-kind or VERY limited

And don’t we all also appreciate other crafts? Please alert me of any
"don’t miss" galleries in other fields.

Thank You in Advance

Orchid Rules!..Karla

Hi, Karla-

If you are coming to Phoenix, check out the Heard Museum. The Heard
Museum is a museum of Southwestern and native american culture, and
it has an incredible exhibit of contemporary southwestern jewelry.

Lee Einer

Karla, In the Scottsdale, Arizona, USA area are located at least three
fine jewelry galleries. Gauthier’s and Hollanders galleries are both
located on Marshal Way and the Heard Museum of Native American Arts
is also located in the area. If you can travel over to Phoenix you
might visit Molina’s on Camelback Road. Look in the phone book for
exact addresses.

Gerry Galarneau

5th Ave and Marshall Way is still the Art Area in Scottsdale,
though waning.

For Jewelers, there are two that I recall, maybe more," Gauthier "
jewelry which is right across from the Materia Gallery - interesting
jewelers and crafts. Gauthier is high carat and huge stones, and
Materia, more artistic, unusual.

Then Up at Pinnacle Road and Pima is Pinnacle Gallery which feature
Fine Craft and jewelry. This gallery is one of the Niche 100 Finest
Galleries. It is lovely.

Then there is" Objects" on Scottsdale Road just south of Gainey
Ranch. They just moved from Marshall Way and have a beautiful new

Then there is Quantum Gallery is Carefree - owned by a potter and his
wife. They have designed the gallery and built it . Not only is the
gallery beautiful but the surrounding desert landscaping. I think it
is worth the trip.

The last three galleries carry my work, so if you want to see it, ask
for Joan Dulla.

Hope you have a wonderful trip. If you need any other suggestions,
feel free to ask.

Also, A HUGE Norman Rockwell exhibit is at the Phoenix Art Museum,
downtown and the Heard Indian Museum not far from there. Again worth a

Happy Travels


French Thompson has a nice gallery on Main Street in Old Town
Scottsdale: French Designer Jewelry, located at 7140 East Main. He
represents my work as well as that of many national and international
jewelry artists.

Michael David Sturlin, jewelry artist @Michael_David_Sturli

Michael Sturlin Studio, Scottsdale Arizona USA

Hi Karla, I was in Scottsdale this past October and picked up a nice
magazine from one of the local stores called The Scottsdale
Collection.There are many advertisements and articles on art
galleries, furnishings, and jewelry galleries. The phone number of
the magazine is (480) 941 1361 website is and their email is
I remember walking into a nice jewelry gallery called French on Main
street in Scottsdale. I hope this helps. Diane

Hi Karla,

There are tons of galleries in the downtown Scottsdale/5th Avenue
area. Most of these are located between Camelback Road (on the north
end) and Thomas Road (on the south), and between Goldwater (on the
west) and Drinkwater-formerly Civic Center Blvd (on the east).
Between this quadrant of streets you will find a wide variety of high
and low end galleries featuring art and jewelry. Just get out your
walking shoes and some comfortable clothes (temps ranging from 60s -
70s right now). Some galleries specialize in Native American
merchandise (called “pawn”), but a lot of them are regular high end.
If you want a guide, just give me a buzz.


JoAnna Kelleher, owner
Pearl Exotics Trading Company, LLC
Phoenix, AZ
Phn# 623.845.0998
Fax# 623.845.0917

I’m traveling to the Phoenix/Tucson Arizona area next week and am
looking want to visit wearable art jewelry. I’ve spent an hour
surfing the web and it’s toooooo much. I go there every year and
last year when I went gallery hopping it seemed like the jewelry had
left town. I’d like to see some jewelry by you Orchidians and the
like. In Tucson I’ve been to Obsidian gallery and seen work by
Andrew Cooperman and in Scottsdale I saw Michial David Sturlins
work. Both so absolutely fabulous!!! A place called Objects used
to have quite a bit of jewelry but less last year. The
Southwest/silver/turquois jewelry is easy to find and I’ve seen
Gauthiers but I’d like to find more places similar to Obsidian in
Tucson where numerous jewelry artists work is gathered. Can you
people point me in the right direction? Annette

Dear Annette, I’m right here in the middle of Tucson, Broadway and
Country Club. Patania’s is the name of my studio ( and myself).
Please come in I have my one of pieces as well as vintage pieces of
my grandfather’s and father’s. I work in platinum ,silver and gold.
We are open Tuesday through Friday 10 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 10 AM
to 4 PM. 520-795-0086,

Sam Patania