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Galleries Australia--Art Almanac

Hi all, Sorry about the confusion. The inexpensive listing & map of
galleries in Australia is the Art Almanac. It is for sale at most
larger galleries, newsagents, etc. Comes out monthly.

Their website is:

Online listing is good, but make sure & click on Melbourne (not
Victoria) to get the galleries in Melbourne. If you click on
Victoria, you get the galleries in cities within the State of
Victoria, but outside of Melbourne. (And the two words are close
together.) For example, the above link
you will find Gallery Funaki.

GALLERY FUNAKI 4 Crossley Street, Melbourne 3000. Ph/Fx: (03)
9662-9446. Director: Mari Funaki. Tues-Fri 11.00 to 5.00, Sat 11.00
to 4.00. Collection of contemporary jewellery from Australia,
Germany, the Netherlands and New Zealand. Gallery closed from Dec 25
to mid January 2002.