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Galleries and Sites in Rochester, NY

Hello Fellow Orchidians - I will be in Rochester, NY for several days
at the end of Aug - first of Sept. Does anyone out there have any
recommendations of art galleries (especially with metal related work),
sculptural sites, gallery shops, tool suppliers, or any natural sites
maybe related to stones . . . hmmm, did i cover it all? I will be
visiting the metals department at RIT during this visit.

Please feel free to email any ideas to my email directly.

Mahalo (thank you) ahead,
Cynthia (in Honolulu)

Rochester Art Galleries:

Memorial Art Gallery- Sculpture, fine art Craft Company-jewelry shop
RIT Gallery- depends also Corning Museum of Glass- not too far. Buffalo
sculpture park- I’ve never been, but heard about it

Natural Sites:

The great lakes have nice water polished stones, glass, bones. Check
out Chimmney Bluffs. Lechworth is another interesting place not too
far with pretty canyons, and a waterfall.


Cynthia, I haven’t been to Rochester in years but my jewelry is
carried by Crafts Company #6 there, which from all accounts, is a
not-to-be-missed crafts gallery. They’ve been a Niche magazine Top10
Retailer of the Year honoree for a number of years. Enjoy the trip!


Cythia, Have you considered reaching Mark Stanitz? He was my
Metalworking instructor during my student years at RIT. I’m not sure
if he’s there during the Summer, but he would be more than qualified
to answer your questions? His email addy is can
find him listed at

For photography, the George Eastman Museum is not to be missed. I
grew up near there. I remember hanging out in the summer under the
apple trees behind the mansion when I was a kid. The original cottage
where he was born is back there too. There was also an elephant head
mounted on the wall in the main foyer, that old George shot while on
safari, but they took it down years ago.


Hey, thanks y’all for the input. . and some nice reponses to my
email directly. And, I hope to meet with one Orchid member while
visiting. :slight_smile:

Yesterday, I was thinking about the Kodak connection up there and had
the idea that there might be some great used parts for sale somewhere

  • to build the small jewelry photography set up. Think I’ll dive into
    the yellow pages and see if there are any photography shops that might
    have used equipment.

Many people want to visit Hawai`i - but, for those of us from here -
it is always a thrill to visit new places. I don’t get off the island
very often, so, am really looking forward to travelling. I’ll do my
best to find a way to the lake and look for rocks and also, to find
the sculpture garden in Buffalo. Just want to share a great website
that I found in my internet search to find the sculpture garden in
Buffalo - it is a global listing of sculptural sites:

Appreciate the messages - this is a great community! Aloha, Cynthia

Hi Cynthia- The sculpture park you may be looking for is called
Griffis Park in Ashford Hollow, outside Buffalo on Rt 219. I haven’t
been there for 20-odd years. I used to go there often when I lived in
Buffalo. Very cool place. You used to be able to get inside the
sculptures. Aibright-Knox Museum is also wonderful. Have fun.
Thanks for the memories!- Carol in AZ