Galleries and Showing


This is the first time in a very long time that I am interested in
working with galleries. I would like on the best ways to
send my jewelry and holloware and any other info you guys have.

Jennifer Friedman
Ventura, Ca
enamellist, jewelry artisan and cermonial judaica

As a gallery owner (and jewelry artist) I would recommend that you
peruse the galleries you’re interested in, in person. Go in as a
customer, talk to whomever is there - find out who the other artists
are, contact them to find out if payment is prompt (if consigning)
and if wholesale’ing, try to find out financial status - I’d hate to
see you get a check that bounced… Anyway, if you’re comfortable
with the situation/venue, then contact the owners via e-mail or
snail mail, send slides or pictures of your work. If they like it,
they will let you know where their interests lead them. After that,
make arrangements to send your work. I have not had any artists send
me work without contacting me first.

Good luck!