Galleries and consignment agreements and COOP Auctions?

Right brain/left brain/right brain/left brain/right brain/left
brain/right brain

Sadly, it is not enough to make beautiful things. It sounds as
if we need an attorney if we are going to try and sell on
consignment, but if we are not selling we could not possible
afford one. Reminds me of a book called Winning Through
Intimidation about commercial real estate transactions. The
bottom line being that everyone else in the transaction has an
attorney and you had better have one too if you expect to get
paid. How about a solution for the new millennium?

What do you think of forming a cooperative
on-line-for-a-fee-auction to sell quality goods to galleries,
stores, shops and the public that is restricted to jewelry and
jewelry related items? i.e. stones, findings, rough, tools.etc.?

I would be willing to do everything that I can (time, moral
support, I have lots of ideas and opinions, etc. …but, alas,
very little money). If many of us put in some time and some
money maybe we could make this a reality. I am a big believer in
making it as easy as possible for anyone to be able to buy your
goods whatever they are. The listing fees could be used to
promote the site and cover expenses.

Almost everyone seems to have a problem reaching the buying
public and I think this might be the answer for a lot of us. We
live eleven miles from a paved road in the mountains …not a lot
of drop in buyers around here. If anyone else is interested in
pursing this you may contact me off list if you prefer. or @Elizabeth_McKay


Dear Tom and Donna,

Tony has kindly offered to make and maintain a mailing list from
the names of those of us who are interested in pursuing on line
sales. To be put on this list please email him at

I am looking forward to a successful outcome of this venture.

Thanks for your interest and participation.