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Gabriel T Hochmuth - Jewelry Gallery

Hochmuth Jewelry
San Antonio, Texas

I have made art from my earliest childhood and have been lucky enough to be one of those children who never had to give it up. I received a masters degree in sculpture and translated that information into jewelry design and creation.

As a jewelry designer and as an artist I seek inspiration primarily from my relationships to humanity, to my world and surrounding social constructs. My work often reflects philosophical ideas, mathematical principles and intuitive reactions to naturally occurring phenomenon.

Materials: 14ky Gold, Sterling Silver, Blue Topaz, Math
Dimensions: 3/4" wide x 1 1/2" Tall

This pendant is just a simple interpretation of the Fibonacci sequence which is the mathematical principle illustrating the basic idea behind how the natural world is organized.

My collector requested matching earrings.

Photo credit: Gabriel Hochmuth

Raven’s Ring

Materials: 14k white Gold, Dinosaur Bone, Diamond and Meteorite Iron
Dimensions: Size six

This engagement ring was made for a very unique person who’s search for something one of a kind and awesome led her to my shop where we specialize in exotic and precious materials.

14k White Gold inlaid with Meteorite Iron from the Muonionalusta impact site, a VS2 diamond center stone and two hand cut blue dinosaur bone side stones.

Photo credit: Gabriel Hochmuth