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G & S Italian Company..ethics?

Hello, I’m wondering if any other Orcidians have any experience w/
this company, based in Arrezo, Italy.

Their representative, a Mr. Anthony Ditria responded to another
Ochids’ letter, searching for an overseas production company. After
reading the response, I decided to write him. He was very pleasant
and somewhat informative so after several letters, I decided to have
them make some molds for me, as a test of their quality and
workmanship. I sent several items in Sterling to them, and now am
unable to have them returned. In conversation, I also inquired about
prices for large amounts of production items and commercially made
chains, for I was never able to get an exact quote.

I explained that although I was not a huge company in the moment,
the potential for large quantity purchases was very good, and so I
needed an exact quote for my client.

That email ended our correspondence and he will not respond, nor
have they returned my Sterling Silver items I sent them. I would like
to know if any of you have had similar experiences as such or know
this company?

I know now that I will definetly keep my production business here in
the USA and look no further. Sincerely Mary Ann Archer

Hi Mary Ann Working with international factories as well as U.S.A.
companies can be difficult some times.

Remember you are dealing with different cultures as well as
different personalities of human beings.

My parents have being importers from Italy since 1981 for Silbers

It is not easy to work with overseas companies and it takes many
years of building close relationships .

I will look at it as a learning experience, we win some and we lose
some… but if we do not take a risk, we will never grow!

Our factory is based in Guatemala (Central America) and is known in
the industry as a very reputable source (we also have been doing work
for some orchidians).

Abraxas Intl. produces high finish cast goods in tarnish resistance
sterling silver, gold and also combinations silver/gold.

We will be happy to try and help with any quotes.

You can contact us for samples on or off line at Abraxas
Internacional 011-502-442-5226 (in Guatemala). by e-mail or at the U.S.A. 713-784-6674