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FYI Tool deals

Hello Orchidland, Perusing my recent Harbor Freight (HF) catalog last
night, I noticed a few low cost tool opportunities. As noted
before, these tools may not hold up for extended use, but if your
use is intermittent, the price is right! There are other useful
items in the same catalog like diamond drills, a transfer punch set
(multisizes for mandrels), Nitrile gloves for protection against
chemicals, rotary tool kit (poor man’s Dremel), micro torch…

Ring stretcher with roller set #09573-1CBA US$19.99
Airbrush Compressor #92403-3CBB US$49.99
Electric Engraver (hand held) #46099-0CBB US$ 4.99

I note that HF is now charging a shipping fee, darnit. Phone orders
to 800-423-2567, or check their website <>

No association with HF, yada, yada. Judy in Kansas, who is
recovering from marrying off her younger
daughter… tired but mostly coherent.