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FYI 1099's and w-2's

Got this from my cpa, take note (1099’s are now dues when w-2’s are, not later in February

Hi there~
Just letting you know of a change that the IRS made in the due date of when W-2/W-3’s and 1099’s need to be filed.
This is now the same date that these forms need to be issued to recipients.

In summary, the accelerated filing date of January 31 for Forms W-2 and W-3 matches the due date for providing wage statements to employees and written statements to payees receiving nonemployee compensation.
Likewise, Form 1099-MISC must be filed on or before January 31, 2017, when reporting non-employee compensation payments in box 7.
Please feel free to read the attached, which explains it all a bit more.

If our office is handling your payroll and/or 1099 preparation (or if you wish us to), please do your best to provide this information to us by January 10th, 2017.
If not, then at least your aware of the change in rules~
Have a safe and happy holiday season!

David Geller