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(Fwd) [YAK ] Pic Scan - Service

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From: (Dave Stephens)
Subject: Re: SDJS Company Infighting
Date: Tue, 12 Nov 1996 18:16:19 -0800

Hea’ah … sure offer the ladies ‘free’ scan servcie and not your old
SDJS business partners


YO JIMBO! Hey, you misinterpreted my offer, the offer is to the WHOLE
group! Although I did notice you bumped my car in the company parking
lot so am a little miffed about that. Will post this to the whole
group in case anyone else misread the offer. Send a 35mm slide, color
negative or prints to moi: Dave STephens, 524 Pheasant Run Drive,
Talent, OR 97540. Send a self addressed stamped envelope along with it
if you want your picture back. Any extra gold sweeepings or ingots
laying around you want to get rid of , semd 'em along too:-)As for the
huge dent in my Studabaker my insurance agent will contact your
insurance agent. Wait, I forgot I don’t have insurance, never

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