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(Fwd) Tank and Regulator Setups


Forwarded Message FollowsFrom: (Bob Jones)
To: “Orchid Digest”
Subject: Tank and Regulator Setups
Date: Sun, 24 Nov 1996 00:36:16 -0500

Greetings fellow jewelry nuts! I have a question. With
Christmas coming up, I may be in the market for some torch
equipment. I would need an oxy tank with regulator and a good
propane regulator. If you have any good deals on torches, I’ll
listen. If you can help me in some way, please email me
personally at (ATTN Marshall Jones). I’m sure
that some of you pros have a few torches sitting in the closet
just waiting for an amateur to buy. Thanks!!


Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.