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(Fwd) Re:Soldering pick


Forwarded Message FollowsDate: Sun, 20 Oct 1996 11:36:52 +0100
From: (Tony Hilbourne)
Subject: Re: Orchid D - I - G - E - S - T Oct 96 # 004

Nice One!
I use piano wire from the very high notes, I found an old broken
joanna and canibalised some of the pieces for our workshop. Will try
your idea sounds just great Many thanks

Tony H

Soldering pick
From: John Burgess
Date sent: Sat, 19 Oct 1996 15:50:17 +1200

Referring to the thread on soldering, has anyone else tried a
piece of titanium wire about 2 - 3 inches long with one end
mounted in a piece of wooden dowel, and gently pointed at the
other end? You can dip it in a little liquid flux, then pick up
a tiny paillon of solder about half a mm square, gently heat it
with a soft flame, when it will roll into a ball. Then having
heated your work to soldering temperature, apply the solder ball
to the right place - and it will flash into the joint if the two
pieces of metal are properly prepared and touching exactly. I
couldn’t buy Ti wire, but bought a pair of coiled wire earrings
and unwound the coloured spiral The point of Titanium is that
nothing will solder to it (without special equipment.)


Try a titanium bicycle spoke. lloyd


Don’t know if you guys know it but you can buy a titanium soldering pick
from just about any jewelry supply place. Think they’re about 10-12 bucks.
I don’t use mine much as you need a real steady hand and need to judge the
amount of solder. I’ve heard of the silversmith, Koepler (sp?), who uses a
big spool of wire solder drawn down to very thin and just touches a length
of this to the joint. One thing about the titanium soldering pick is that
it makes a poor tool for moving things around or putting pressure on a
piece being soldered as the titanium gets soft pretty easy and bends. But
if you’re good with a soldering pick its agood choice. Dave

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