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Hi, thank you for reading the chain project. The reason your
ring has fractures in it is because the coin was not annealed,
you did not strike it to hard. If you have any borax in your
laundry room you can make a flux out of it, by simply taking a
tsp. of it and desolving it in a cup of hot water, this is called
flux and this mixture is still used by a lot of jewelers. If you
do not have any borax at home you can get it at your local store,
It has a trade name of 20 mule team borax. Take some of the flux
and put it on your coin, then take your propane torch and heat
the coin, the water in the flux will evaporate and leave the
borax on the coin, this will be your indicater, as the coin gets
hot the borax will change color and begin to burn off, your coin
will change color, when it turns a dull red it is done. Take
your coin and put it in water. The fracture lines in the coin
will disapear if you take your coin and heat it up just past the
red stage and it begins to turn silvery, but do not try this
unless you have another coin. Good Luck and happy holidays