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(Fwd) RE: 3-D


Forwarded Message FollowsDate: 22 Oct 96 15:42:53 EDT
From: “David D. Arens” 102545.2614@CompuServe.COM
Subject: RE: 3-D
Message-ID: 961022194253_102545.2614_HHV81-1@CompuServe.COM

Hi Gang,

Thought I’d jump in here with some wiw info about some small CNC

One of my hobbies is machining & one of the mags I subscribe to, Home
Shop Machinist (, e-mail,, had a couple of ads for smaller size CNC lathes &

The mechanical base for both the lathe & mill is made by Sherline.
Sherline is a well (US) made machine used by a lot of micro
machinists, its been around since 1974. The lathe bed is 24 inches
long. I couldn’t find any size specs on the mill, but it is in the
same range. Sherline addreses: http//, email, snail mail, Sherline Products, 170 Navajo St,
San Marcos CA 92069-2593, (US) 800-541-0735, international
619-744-3674, fax 619-744-1574.

Sherline equipment is sold across the US. A basic lathe is $421.00,
mill $423.00. A large selection of accesories is available for both
machines. The lathe can have a vertical mill added to it.

The mechanics are purchased by vendors that install their electronics.
Generally the pakages require you to supply the PC, a 386 is usually
good enough.

Micro Kinetics Corp
2117-A Barret Park Dr
Kennesaw GA 30144
770-422-7845, fax 770-422-7854

They list a kit to convert your lathe or mill to cnc, lathe $849.00,
mill $999.00. They also list complete desk top cnc lathes & mills,
Lathe $2,295.00, mill $2,995.00. Requires a 386 or better PC with VGA.
The also list other cnc equip in the small range.

Back Track
1924 Glen Oak Dr
Glenview IL 60025

They list a cnc mill with .001 in accuracy for $1,495. The ad says
they have a lathe available.

I’m not associated with either company, have n’t used or seen either
machine. Both companies indicated they use standard industry codes.
Since this equipment is designed to handle metals, including steel, it
should be rugged enough for anything the jewelry trade might subject
it too.

Dave Arens