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(Fwd) powerful torch

Forwarded Message FollowsFrom: Steven E Kooi
Subject: powerful torch


Could you send me some on where to by a good,
powerful torch? I have a small store-bought propane torch
but it will not warm a large enough area it allow me to
solder larger pieces of silver (ie for a tea-pot or vase)



greetings from a penn state grad. how bout acetelyne torch at any acetelyne
fill up or look in the phone book. say hello to my daughter in her fifth
year there.

Hi Steve,

I use the “Little Torch” from Smith… available from many suppliers;
great for jewelry use. I have the oxygen/acetylene setup, but in
retrospect, wish I bought the oxygen/propane. I think I paid in the
neighborhood of $300 for the complete setup.

Dave Sebaste

From: Dr. E. Aspler[]
Sent: Thursday, December 05, 1996 2:25 AM
Subject: (Fwd) powerful torch

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I use a Presto-Lite set up. It uses air and acyt. There are different size
tips available. Get the largest ones. It’s possible to vary the size of the
flame without changing tips. The flame produced is “softer” than that of a
gas/oxygen torch which means that the whole work peice can be heated
with less danger of burning holes. I have made spoons, candy dishs, and
small vases using this system.

Marilyn Smith